If you want to be successful and happy at what you do – whether you’re a mum or a corporate type, you need to take some time out to look after yourself and your wellbeing.
Self empowerment and development comes in many forms, and it should be a daily ritual. It could be taking the time to exercise, to read self help books or to wash your hair!!
At Leoni Bolt Photography we love to give women a little ‘Me Time’ to be pampered and to feel empowered through our boudoir sessions.
We are an all female studio that specialises in boudoir and women’s portraiture.
We’ll make you look and feel glamorous and give you the opportunity to be a star in your own custom designed artwork!

To celebrate women everywhere we are giving away 5 Boudoir Experiences in our boutique studio.

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Good Luck!!
Leoni x
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