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Bolty Babes


Boudoir Photography is a way for ladies to express themselves, feel amazing and find themselves again. It’s about celebrating being a woman and loving the body you’re in.

Boudoir photography is suitable for ladies of any size, at any stage in their life. It’s about loving yourself just the way you are. The images you take home are an everyday reminder that you are beautiful and amazing and are a fabulous keepsake to remind yourself when you’re feeling down. They’re also a fabulous memory to show the young girls in your life that they are beautiful too. Imagine showing your granddaughters what a hottie you used to be 😉

I grew up in a household full of girls and we were collectively known as the Bolty Babes. Then we all got married and the Bolty Babes only lived on in spirit.
When I got married and had children I felt like I had lost my identity I lost my name, my carefree lifestyle and my pre-baby body.
Bolty Babes was created to give woman confidence, empowerment, boost self esteem and feel amazing about themselves.

Bolt Studioz is a team of fabulous females ready to pamper you, listen and make you feel amazing.
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Celebrate who you are!
Become a Bolty Babe!!

Leoni x

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