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5 tips for getting great Christmas photos this year.

5 tips for getting great Christmas photos this year.

Christmas is a time of year when friends and family have the opportunity to spend time together where most of us lead such busy lives these days.
While it’s great to get those social media shots that show everybody having a great time, we all know that’s not the reality.
Be the star of the day and capture all of the those precious moments, from the kids unwrapping their presents to an elated Grandma holding her grandchild. Be the one that can give the whole family the gift of those memories.

Christmas Day photography tip #1

Paint with Light

Professional photographers will tell you that the most important element to getting a great photo is great lighting.
We all know the kids will be up before the sun checking under the Christmas Tree to see what Santa has brought for them, so think ahead about your lighting.
Natural light is always the most beautiful so if you’re lucky enough that the sun is shining open up the curtains. Have the light coming in from the side rather than from behind.
If you do need to use a flash, it is always more flattering to bounce it off the roof or a wall than to shoot straight on. This prevents faces being too bight and harsh shadows.
Christmas lights!! Play with them! See if you can capture those colours, shoot through them or capture the tree through the window. It can be exciting to get some fun photos incorporating the Christmas lights.

Tip #2


Think like a wedding photographer – capture all of the details of the day. Capture the decorations being put up, the meals being prepared, the guys around the bbq, the table setting, the presents, the water play.

Tip #3

Point of View

Have you ever noticed in the movies how the best angles are the point of view of somebody else, or coming from a different perspective. Photograph from everywhere except where you would be naturally. Kids opening presents? Lie down on the floor or stand on a chair looking down. Food prep in the kitchen? Get down on the bench with the knife working away in the foreground. If you have aperture and macro settings play with them. Low apertures (f2.8, f4) will have the background drop off quickly from the subject. Want to capture all the scenery – bring it up to something higher (f11) If you’re taking a group shot bring it up to f8 to ensure everyone is in focus, but still try and get everyone as close together
Stocksy_christmas-dinner_805419-58a70b093df78c345b675b1dJeff Wasserman/Stocksy United


Tip #4

Avoid a double chin

Want to make sure you look great in every photo? Never stand straight onto the camera. Push your neck out like a turtle. Out and down. This prevents a double chin and still creates a shadow under your chin making you look slimmer.

Tip #5

Get a great group photo

When you’re trying to get everyone together for a group photo, the trick is to get them all in as close as possible. Have everyone turn slightly to the middle and put their weight on the back leg. If you need to create layers due to the amount of people in your photo, try to keep everyone’s faces as close to the same plane as possible i.e if your were to stand to the side they would all be in on the same line.

We hope these tips help you to get some fabulous photos this Christmas!! We hope you get to be in some of those photos too!

If like me you never end up in the photos yourself you can always book a session with us to be sure you can be part of the memories too!

Even professional photographers have to hire other photographers sometimes!
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From the team at Bolt Studioz xx

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