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Best photographs of 2014

Best photographs of 2014 by Leoni Bolt Photography.

Wow! That’s it! The year of 2014 has come to an end!

And what a wonderful and busy year it’s been! I myself had my second (and last) child in April. Two baby girls who for better or worse are smart and boisterous and keep my hands full, especially when I’m running a business and trying to edit hundreds of photos at any one time!

My sister also had a baby girl and of course many of my previous wedding clients have come back when they’ve started their families, which is what I love! Growing with people as you share the most important parts of their lives, and help them cherish those memories.

So on that note why don’t we start on the journey of life in 2014 through my eyes, and start with the maternity and newborn shoots….



























And of course don’t forget the first birthday cake smash!!

Cake Smash

Cake Smash

Cake Smash

Cake Smash

Weddings, weddings and more weddings!!














Tattoed Wedding

Tattoed Wedding

Tattoed Wedding

Tattoed Wedding

Tattoed Wedding

Tattoed Wedding

Tattoed Wedding

Tattoed Wedding

Tattoed Wedding

Tattoed Wedding

Tattoed Wedding


Tattoed Wedding

Brisbane City Wedding

Brisbane City Wedding


Brisbane City Wedding

Brisbane City Wedding

Brisbane City Wedding

Maleny Wedding

Maleny Wedding

Maleny Wedding

Maleny Wedding

Maleny Wedding













I decided I needed to do some more boudoir shoots just for some fun! Hopefully there will be a lot more of this next year!









And of course there’s is always lots of family photos. I love when families want to do something a bit out of the ordinary and just plain fun!





2015 is already gearing up to be crazy busy. So much to look forward to!!

I hope you all have an amazing New Year and that 2015 will bring adventure, new beginnings and most importantly you spend some of it with the ones you love!

Leoni xx

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Family Fun at Fort Lytton


Fort Lytton Family Shoot



I love when people come to me with great ideas for their photos! When this cute little family asked if we could go out to Fort Lytton, I was very excited on what we might get.

Although access can be quite restrictive and it was a really windy day, we had lots of fun and got some great family photos.

Fort Lytton is an old military defence facility on the Brisbane River out near the Port Of Brisbane, dating back to the 1800’s. It’s a great place to explore the underground bunkers and feels a bit like your stepping into the Lord of the Rings. Fort Lytton is open to the public on Sundays and is free admission.

Visit the website for more fun family photos
Family portraits can be done in the studio or out on location in your favourite place. If you would like me to capture your family memories I would love to meet you!
Please contact me for more information on bookings.

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Cutest baby photos ever!

Photographing newborns is an amazing thing. Each little person so new to the world, getting used to their surroundings.
Ideally you want to photograph newborns in the first 10-14 days of their new life, when they’re still sleepy from their long, hard journey and easy to position. This is not always possible, but you quickly notice how alert they can be suddenly, when you have lots of people around and potentially studio lights flashing in their faces.
Natural lighting is always best when photographing newborns, but is not always possible, depending on the weather and the positioning of the windows and lighting. If you want to see how I have done newborn shoots in confined spaces using studio lighting to replicate natural lighting as much as possible check out this other blog post.
Newborns can take anywhere from 1-4 hrs as it completely depends on the baby and how settled they are throughout the shoot. They may need to be fed, burped, changed several times throughout to keep them happy and settled.
It’s always a good idea to get baby dressed in their first outfit before feeding and then settling them, and having a great workflow helps to not having to move them around too much and disturb their slumber. You can do lots of different angles and slight body movements in one setup for a range of different looks.
I generally have at least 2 setups ready to go so I can just gently move the baby from one setup to the next. I generally save the family photos until last as it’s much easier to deal with a baby that’s getting over it when mum or dad is snuggling up to them. Mum and dad should dress accordingly so that everyone matches to some degree, and plain colours are always nice and simple to work with and not too distracting. Siblings are always encouraged to come along as well, but it can take a long time and be quite boring for them, so just be prepared.
Taking baby photos is something I’m enjoying more and more since becoming a mother myself. I love meeting these brand new people and following along in their life’s adventures.
I have all inclusive packages from Maternity through to 1st birthday Cake Smash photos.
If you would like to enquire about a newborn photo shoot, please fill in the contact form below.

I hope you enjoy this cuteness in your day!

newborn in a fantasy forest

newborn with dreamy eyes

newborn in a hat newborn in a suitcase dad kissing newborn newborns head in dad's hands

newborn girl in a tutu

newborn with engagement ring in black and white

newborn with mum's engagement ring

newborn-in-bowl-2 newborn-in-bowl

newborn in a pixie hat

newborn in a bucket from above

newborn sleeping with owl picture

newborn on mother's chest

newborn yawning

newborn in a suitcase

newborn and mum

newborn with mum and dad

newborn photos

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Pinterest – a bride’s new best friend.

I’ve recently just discovered Pinterest, the latest in social media sharing, and have come to the conclusion that this is a brilliant tool for “brides to be”,  for collaborating and sharing their ideas. The idea is that you create a pinboard of images that you like and can share them with your bridesmaids, family and anyone else that might be of interest such as your wedding planner or photographer.

I’ve just set up my first pin board titled “Alternative Weddings” – Feel free to check it out http://pinterest.com/leonibolt/ and share with me!

Edit – Since first writing this post and becoming familiar with Pinterest and brides showing me their pin boards I have differing views on the whole thing.  I still love it and I still encourage my brides to share with me stuff that they like, but myself and other photographer’s alike have found it can be a photographer’s nightmare. What you’re seeing on Pinterest is the very best photos from all over the world. Each photo is set in a different time and space and has a different photographer and subjects. As photographer’s we don’t want to just be asked to copy someone else’s work. You need to make it your own! Showing your photographer what you like will give them ideas for lighting, locations and poses, but don’t expect them to copy down to the nail. We as artists do not want to copy someone else’s work and you should want photos that are as individual as you are! Express yourself!

As well as a space to share my own photography and collect ideas, I personally use Pinterest to collect recipes, home decorating, kids activities and so much more. It’s a great resource for visually collecting things of the internet in one place so you can find them later.

I hope to see you there!

Pinterest good or evil?


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A day of fun with Isabella.

I spent a fun-filled day with Isabella, reading her books and playing at the beach. She’s a smart little munchkin and you can tell by some of her brilliant expressions!

By the time we got to looking at the photos on the big TV, she had to sit on my lap to watch, and kept saying Me? Me?  I had a great day in Isabella’s world – and would love to share it with you!

Isabella loves her books...

family photos

fun location family portraits

cute as a button

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2010 in a nutshell – part 1

Here are some of the best Wedding and Portrait photos from Leoni Bolt Photography in 2010. This year has been full of fabulous adventures and stunning photography and we’d like to share it with all of you!
Stay tuned for part 2 which includes working with models and travel photos from this years trip to Cambodia & Vietnam.

contemporary wedding tryptich

bridal stairs
bride and groom on stairs

gangster style wedding photo
Sunshine Coast Wedding
groom party

wedding photos over Burleigh Heads

wedding party
professional beach portraits
family photos
family portrait at Sandgate
Our 2011 calendar was lots of fun, teaming up with the team at Nat & Darcy to create a fun furry friends calendar, which is currently available through the Leoni Bolt Photography website and through Nat & Darcy and selected retailers.They say never work with kids and animals but these guys were so good, and had great expressions, it was truly rewarding.dog & bow
prestige dogsdog in the bathpuppy with football geardog smiling in a bathrobe

family wedding photo

Story Bridge wedding
antique look bride photo
Bridesmaids and Bride laughing
brisbane wedding party
bridesmaid belting it out

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