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Bohemian Country Destination Wedding

Bohemian Country Wedding

This bohemian country destination wedding set at Marlowe House just outside of Coffs Harbour NSW has to be THE most epic wedding I have seen in 2015!

When I was contacted by Mark (Singha) to photograph his wedding to his bride to be Lucy I knew it was going to one hell of a party!

You see Singha and I used to work together in bars in Byron Bay. He was the big guy standing at the door carding you as you went in, and I was the crazy little one behind the bar. Singha went on to become an outstanding publican in his own right, and has the coolest group of friends around.

I only met Lucy the day before the wedding, and I feel like I’ve known her forever. These two are just made for each other. He’s the milk to her shake, she’s the shake to his bake – well you get the picture!

Although Singha did the majority of the planning, with the guidance of North Coast Luxury Weddings, Lucy’s eclectic and bohemian style was reflected in the styling, complete with dream catchers hanging from the trees and photos of their adventures together.

Friends and family all pitched in in the days leading up to the wedding day decorating, constructing and putting together the flowers.

The grounds of the private property were dressed with lounge chairs made from hay bales and covered in colourful woven cloths. Chalk boards signs from William & Jane were set up to direct the guests where to go.

On the day of the wedding Kat from SweetHart Beauty made all of the bridesmaids and or course the bride look stunning, before getting dressed up herself to enjoy the celebrations. As Lucy approached her waiting groom (who may have shed a tear or two), she wore Melanie Jayne and her cowboy boots were all the way from Kansas USA. The ceremony was performed under a wooden handmade arbor by the wonderfully vibrant celebrant Sam

Guests entertained themselves with a trivia game about the couple and games out on the lawn while the bridal party headed off for photos. Having lots of friends in the local music scene, there were several live acts throughout the day including Ben Francis & Kane Cahill. It was like a festival of love and celebration!

And of course everyone danced off through the night under the fairy lights. Spectacular!!



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Sunshine Coast Engagement Photography

Yesterday we headed to the Sunshine Coast for an engagement photography session.
This gorgeous couple are just weeks away from their wedding day and to celebrate 1 year of being engaged we headed out to Point Cartwright via the Pine Forest for some fun!
There’s nothing better than spending a glorious afternoon with a loved up couple! Travelling together on a mini road trip leaves everyone feeling relaxed and ready for an adventure!

Our time in the pine forest in the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands was short lived as there were just too many mosquitoes, so to avoid hideous welts on their wedding day we kept going to the beach for some rock climbing fun. We really timed the day well working between the rain showers for each location.

And finally we had some experimental fun with fire on the beach, until finally it started pouring rain and we had to make a run for it and call it day.

Can’t wait to actually be a guest at your wedding in a few weeks!! Yeow!!

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Producing Amazing Wedding Photos via a Smartphone

Producing Amazing Wedding Photos via a Smartphone

Guest blogger Pauline Sines weighs up the pros of using a smartphone to document a wedding. Using a small device to get right into the action definitely has it’s advantages, although we do not recommend replacing professional equipment with phone footage. Even though it can look great on screen the quality of the image is by far inferior to that from professional equipment, particularly when printed.

Although mobile photography has seen significant growth and support in the last few years, professionals still opt to use their bulky DSLR cameras and expensive equipment, especially when covering events such as weddings. However, an Israeli photographer showed the mainstream media that it’s possible to produce amazing wedding photographs while using an iPhone.

Sephi Bergerson was able to capture the highlights of an Indian wedding through his iPhone 6s Plus.

According to his personal blog, the Goa-based photographer mentioned that one of his dreams was to be able to shoot a whole Indian wedding through nothing more than an iPhone.

“The problem till now was not only the technological limitations of the previous iPhone models, which could be a separate discussion all together, as some of those still remain, but also, and mostly, finding the couple that will agree and allow me to shoot their wedding like this,” said Bergerson.

The creative photographer mentioned that although the handset is a portable photography tool, it is still lacking in terms of producing clear images when it has to contend with dim light. As you can see from the images below the iPhone struggle with said conditions:


As recent handsets have proved, mobile devices are now becoming more powerful and smarter, meaning they have become vital tools for the modern day consumer when it comes to solving many reoccurring problems. Mobile gaming industry experts, Gaming Realms state that the increasing adoption of smartphones is due the introduction of reliable mobile internet capabilities, connecting users faster to information resources online. The company, also known for developing mobile casino software, added that mobile devices have now surpassed desktop computers in both ownership and usage. Thus, it’s not surprising that many consumers are now shifting their focus from the traditional office based computers to smartphones and tablets. Today, many photographers are now embracing mobile photography as a new form art that is evidently more practical in nature.

In the case of Bergerson, he was able to find a great subject to practice his mobile photography – Indian weddings. His creativity was clearly seen by the way he adds filters to the images and applies photography techniques such as the Rule of Thirds. Since his smartphone was considerably smaller than a DSLR camera, the photographer was able to get closer to the subject/s as he found the bulky camera equipment he’s used to had a tendency to get in the way of getting close to his subjects.

However, Bergerson admits it is ‘quite a challenge’ capturing a whole wedding using only a smartphone. So, he shared a simple tip to those planning to practice mobile photography – focus on the moment. In his interview with an online resource, the photographer said that his aim was to produce images that give viewers a sense of reliving the moment.

Indian wedding

Written by guest author – Pauline Sines: After studying photography at college in the late 90s, Pauline became infatuated with the art of taking the perfect picture. While settling for a mundane 9-5 job, she enjoys writing about noteworthy stories documenting the many innovations in the world of photography, in her spare time.

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