Making Photography the Perfect Gift: Work with a Boudoir Photographer on the Gold Coast to Plan a Special Photoshoot

Are you feeling the butterflies that arrive when your wedding date is on the horizon? You’re probably excited (and a little nervous) about the ceremony but thrilled for the opportunity to make a lifelong commitment to your husband-to-be. There’s nothing like the passion and love for one another that exists between newlyweds — so why not try to capture some of that magic with photography? With a boudoir photoshoot on the Gold Coast, you can explore your sensuality and create a secret, special gift just for your spouse. At Leoni Bolt Photography, we cherish the opportunity to work with women on creating unique, sexy, and tasteful pictures.

Boudoir photography has a long history spanning almost a century at this point. Once at the cutting edge of a new artistic movement, it also became the domain for pin-up girls and high fashion. Today, it’s recognised as an empowering way for women to explore outside their comfort zones and to gain a new appreciation for their bodies. Obviously, it’s also become very popular as a wedding gift, too!

Planning your boudoir photoshoot on the Gold Coast

It’s OK to be nervous and even a little unsure about arranging for such a photoshoot. However, as your boudoir photographer on the Gold Coast, our all-female team goes out of our way to ensure you have fun in a safe and comfortable environment. After all, you deserve the opportunity to create a photoshoot on your own terms.

After booking, the process is simple, easy, and stress-free. You should select three outfits for your boudoir photoshoot; begin with something fun and simple, and if you’re feeling comfortable, bring along some of your favourite lingerie. Don’t worry — you’ll have a chance to warm up to the camera before we reach that stage. Once you feel comfortable, you’ll see that a photoshoot is an exciting exchange of ideas and poses between subject and photographer. Before you arrive, think about what you’d like to accomplish. What pictures would you like to see at the end? How do you want them to make you look? Share your thoughts with us, too! We can make your dream pictures a reality.

Visit a studio that’s here for you

At our studio, you can become part of the long traditions of boudoir photography right here on the Gold Coast. If you’re planning to give these photos as a gift to your soon-to-be spouse, you can use your session as the perfect opportunity to test out your wedding day hairstyle and makeup combo! Meanwhile, we’ll ensure you’re comfy and having fun throughout the entire session. A session usually takes about three to four hours, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Don’t worry — you don’t need to wait to see how your photos look! We’ll give you your own private viewing session on the same day. Want to find out more about our process or book an appointment? Call us on (07) 3076 2768.