Want to Explore Your Fashion Sense with a Photographer? Book a Photoshoot with Leoni Bolt Photography

When you flip through a magazine and see chic and stylish ads showcasing unique fashion and accessories, do you ever find yourself wishing you could experience a photoshoot like that? With a professional photographer behind the camera, you could become the star of your very own glossy magazine. Not only would it be a fun way to build confidence in yourself, but it would be an opportunity to see yourself in an entirely different way. A glamour photoshoot in the Gold Coast is an excellent way to test the waters. At Leoni Bolt Photography, we open our doors to women who want to experience something different and special.

We are a boutique photography studio offering women the opportunity to explore the untold story of a career in modelling. Staffed entirely by women, we are here to provide you with a comfortable, supportive, and pampering environment to explore your fashion sense. With an experienced glamour photographer from the Gold Coast on hand, you won’t need to take a hundred selfies trying to find the right pose. We’ll work together to explore poses and angles that complement your body perfectly, producing stunning photographs that you’ll love to look at for years to come. What should you do to make your glamour session a success? Well, why not start by inspiring yourself?

Find your inspiration for a glamour photoshoot on the Gold Coast

During a typical photoshoot, women visiting our studio will work through three outfits. Which three will you bring — or do you just have one that you love more than everything else? We can easily provide advice and assistance with styling and posing, but we also encourage you to put your own mark on this session. Pick up a few copies of some fashion magazines, flip through them, and cut out the pages and pictures that you like best. We can use them to find inspiration together.

Don’t forget that glamour photography isn’t just about the clothes. Be sure to accessorise your look too; pick out the ideal jewellery to complete your look. You can even bring along a special personal item you might want to incorporate into the session. Remember: this is about your empowerment. You get to make the decisions.

Enjoy a unique experience and make memories that last

With everything in place for your photoshoot, all that’s left is to wait — and to get excited! The opportunity to explore what you could look like in professional quality glamour photography in the Gold Coast is one you should relish and enjoy. That is why our staff goes to such lengths to make every session special, and to welcome women of all ages and body types. Everyone is beautiful, and we’re here to help you uncover new ways to feel good about your body. Start picking out the perfect outfits, then pick up the phone and call our photographer on (07) 3076 2768 to set your appointment today.