Why Do a Glamour Photo Shoot? Reasons to Book Glamour Portraits with Brisbane Photographers

Perhaps you’ve seen glamour photos and wondered if you should have some made yourself. Glamour photography is about romantic, alluring images using creative lighting and scenes to capture your unique beauty. A glamour photo shoot in Brisbane is a great way to treat yourself or give someone you love an unexpected gift. Here are a few of the reasons you should book your session.

Aspiring Model Portfolio

Glamour photographers in Brisbane will highlight the “whole picture” of you so that agents can see your best features and make an assessment. They will be able to see your headshots, your body, and the way you can pose in different shots. High-fashion shots are among the most challenging to master, but when you do, you will achieve a well-rounded portfolio that will be attractive to potential clients.

Updates to Current Portfolio

Just because you have already put together a modelling portfolio doesn’t mean it must remain unchanged. Today’s glamour portraits in Brisbane make use of creative and innovative technology that allows for unique images that are sure to wow potential clients (and friends!). A professional photographer will have the expertise to showcase your beauty in the best possible way.

To Boost Confidence

Not just for models, glamour photography can highlight your natural beauty, helping you feel sexy and confident. This confidence goes far beyond trying to attract the attention of other people. Instead, it’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin. It’s not easy to get in front of the camera for the first time, but you gain confidence each time, and this newfound confidence shows even when no cameras are around.

To Give a Wonderful Gift

Glamour photography is about your confidence – but it’s also an excellent way to remind your significant other how sexy you are. Glamour and Boudoir photos make ideal romantic, exotic gifts that your partner can cherish forever. Years later, they will still be something you can look back on together to see what a breathtakingly gorgeous woman you are.

Glamour Photography in Brisbane by Leoni Bolt Photography

At Leoni Bolt Photography, we offer an all-female team of photographers and stylists who are trained to highlight your natural beauty in creative ways. Creating your glamour portraits is fun for you and us as we work together to help you explore a new side of yourself. We love empowering women to own how beautiful they are and leave feeling fabulous even when the photo shoot is over.

Our new Eaton Hills studio opened at the start of 2017, but we have over 12 years’ experience behind the camera. We place our focus on boudoir photography and beautiful, high-end products. We love helping women step outside their comfort zones and making them feel at ease in front of the camera for an experience they’ll never forget. Give us a call today to book your session – we can’t wait to pamper and style you and make you feel fabulous!