Curious About a Photo Shoot for Pin Up Photography in Sunshine Coast? Try a Photoshoot Here:

Pin up photography is an art form that has existed for over a century. As far back as the late 1800s, records exist of models and actors presenting themselves for photographs that were widely circulated through magazines, postcards, newspapers and more. However, there are no specific criteria for a pin up girl’s appearance. In more recent years, women of all kinds have realised that the world of pin ups is open to them, regardless of size, shape, age or any other classifications.

Furthermore, pin up photography can be fun. Although certain more puritanical factions initially viewed it as a kind of “cheesecake” art form, pin up photography has become a meaningful part of pop-culture history and an outlet for women to celebrate their bodies. Pin up photography in Sunshine Coast and other parts of Australia is routinely practised by women who want to pay homage to their sisters of the last hundred-odd years while displaying themselves in new and flattering ways. When you participate in a pin up photoshoot in Sunshine Coast, you can exercise your creativity, show off your saucy side, and enjoy yourself immensely.

How the Right Photographer Makes a Photoshoot Shine

The best way to stage a pin up photo shoot near Sunshine Coast is to arrange for the services of a quality pin up photographer. However, choosing a photographer for such a distinct style requires you to be judicious in your selection process. You’ll want to work with someone who understands the history and mystique of pin up photography extremely well so that you can be sure they’ll capture the spirit of the genre perfectly. You’ll also want someone who is easy to work with and who pays attention to the natural beauty of every client so that you can count on them to show you at your best.

Where to Start (and End) Your Search for a Pin Up Photo Shoot in Sunshine Coast

One such photographer is Leoni Bolt, an artist with over 12 years of experience whose studio is specifically geared towards female beauty and empowerment. Leoni Bolt Photography employs an all-female staff to create an environment of maximum comfort and security for all clients and uses state of the art beauty products to underscore the most attractive features of everyone she shoots. If you’re looking for a studio that can handle your pin up needs, you’ll have a hard time finding anyone more skilled or considerate in the Sunshine Coast region.

When you want to explore a pin up photo shoot, you should do so with the best resources you can find. Chief among those resources should be a photographer and a studio that supports you. Contact Leoni Bolt Photography today and ask a member of our staff for more details on our services, prices and practices. We’ll be happy to tell you everything you need to know so that you can make an informed and empowered choice for your photoshoot.