Pin Up Photography Is All about Empowerment! Book Your Eatons Hill Photoshoot and Have the Time of Your Life

Women know the importance of confidence, yet often struggle with it at one point or another. Throughout history, women have styled their hair, dieted, and used fashion to try and find confidence in their physical appearance. Lately, pin up photography in Eatons Hill has been growing in popularity as a way to inspire women to feel better about themselves. If you’ve never participated in a pin up photoshoot, this might not make sense – after all, this type of photography objectifies women, right?

Boudoir and pin up photography are about a deep appreciation for the female form and its natural beauty. Far from pressuring women to fit within certain constraints of perceived beauty, this type of photography is a way for women to embrace their uniqueness and play with new forms of expression. How we relate to our visual appearance does play a role in our overall happiness, and a pin up photoshoot in Eatons Hill is the perfect way to feel not just gorgeous but empowered as well.

Body Positivity

The pin up genre is very accepting of all body types! This curvy, creative culture is all about beauty in all its forms, self-love, and the celebration of similarities and differences. Besides, the retro style is one that looks fantastic on just about everyone.


Pin up photos are sexy and unapologetic. They embrace a brazen, shameless attitude, one we could all benefit from emulating now and then. When it comes to your integrity and individuality, you have to stand strong. Be who you are – it’s fun and freeing!


Seeing yourself objectively is one of the benefits of this type of photoshoot. Working with a professional photographer is genuinely rewarding. You’ll get to see yourself through your photographer’s unbiased eyes, and you might be surprised at just how beautiful you are in the view of another. You don’t have to fit into a mould to be sexy, and pin up images of yourself can do wonders to bolster your self-confidence.


A pin up photo shoot is fun. It also gives you the opportunity to play around with a variety of scenarios, styles, and roles. When you work with a professional photographer, you’ll be able to take advantage of their hair and makeup team’s creative prowess. Let go and step into a new identity; you might just discover new parts of yourself.

Book Your Pin Up Photo Shoot in Eatons Hill with Leoni Bolt Photography

At Leoni Bolt Photography, we utilise our extensive education and experience in the portraiture field to create beautiful, high-quality images for you to cherish forever. We have an all-female team ready to pamper, style, and coach you through your session to make you look and feel amazing. It’s our passion to empower women and help them step out of their comfort zones to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We also offer payment plans, so there’s no reason not to call us to book your fun pin up photo shoot today.