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Choosing a Personal Branding Photographer

With the rise of so many entrepreneurs Personal Branding Photography has become a necessity for anyone wanting to start or build their business.

People buy from people, and you need to build the Know, Like, Trust factor with your clients.

personal branding photography

First impressions are everything and even if we don’t know that we are doing it, we will all judge someone within seconds of meeting them (or seeing them online).

Personal Branding Photography is a crucial  element creating your brand, just like a great website or logo. It is critical that you get this right or you’re audience won’t resonate with what you are trying to say. The images we use have the greatest impact on our audience and we need to ensure they are telling our authentic story and are on brand.

When you’re investing in your personal brand it’s essential that you get it right.


Here are my few tips on choosing your Personal Branding Photographer:


  • Make sure they see and understand your vision and can tell your story
  • Make sure you connect with them and they make you feel comfortable
  • Can help you achieve the polished look you’re after by making you feel confident and look amazing!
  • They are creative and can think outside the box
  • Is able to work to your requirements – What does your website need, do you need negative space for text, do you need to be facing a certain way, do you need to be able to cut them out easily and repurpose them.
  • Can assist with how to create and repurpose your content.


Personal Branding Photography is not just about headshots. You audience wants a little insight into your life and your business. Show what you do on a daily basis, where you live, where you work from. Your customer wants to see what you value as well as what you do. You need to create a suite of personalised images that tell your story.  Think about how you can repurpose your content across your print, web and social media. Do you need content for Instagram, infographics, Pinterest, blog posts?

These are just some of the key areas you want to consider when creating a library of images that you can pull from any time you need it:

  • Linkedin
  • Profile Photos
  • Email footer
  • Slide Stacks
  • Website – about me
  • Social Media Posts
  • Events (networking, workshops)
  • Sales Pages and Funnels
  • Media Kit – what happens when you get asked to speak at an event last minute or have a piece in a magazine. If you have your suite of images ready you won’t be stressed about getting something done last minute. Just email it through!

If you want to have a chat with me about your requirements you can book in a Branding Clarity Review


If you want to get my tips on building your social media influence, you can download my DIY Social Media Toolkit 


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Have wedding expo’s had their day?

I know this is going to be hot and potentially heated topic among wedding suppliers and vendors, but it has to be said.

Have wedding expo’s had their day? This year in particular it has been noted across the board that numbers at wedding expo’s are down, and not just by a few brides, but by hundreds in some cases.

Maleny Wedding

Why is this? Are we becoming a society totally reliant on the internet. Do we not feel the need to meet those people that are going to make your dream wedding day come true, and see the products they supply up close and personal? Are we solely relying on the referrals of our friends (or Facebook friends?). Isn’t it important that we meet and get along with those people like your celebrant or your photographer, that will make or break your day?

The expo’s I have attended recently, that most wedding vendors spend a fortune to set up and promote themselves, have definitely been on the verge of why bother? I especially feel sorry for the florists that bring along so many fresh flowers, and the cake decorators that spend days baking beforehand. Not to mention the person that just let a dozen doves fly into the air for all of 3 spectators!

Being a photographer I know I am in a totally saturated market. Every person with a good camera is a photographer these days, and everyone always has a friend or a cousin that can do it for them. If you’re on a tight budget, I understand – I’ve been there myself. But more and more I’m hearing of people finding businesses on Facebook and then finding out they are not legitimate businesses or that they are using photos of other peoples work to get noticed, which is not only immoral but completely illegal. Who do you trust? How much research do you actually do?

My question is, where is the market taking us? Is there a need for something new and exciting? Where do you go to get your information and find the wedding vendors that are a perfect fit for you? Because even though that person was recommended on Facebook or some other social media site doesn’t mean they are the right fit for you and your partner. It just means they probably sit on Facebook all day.

Is anyone else reading this in Carrie Bradshaw’s voice? Thanks for reading my Sex in the City style rant! lol.

I would love to hear your thoughts!


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