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Best of 2010 (in a nutshell) – part 2

As promised here is more of our best from 2010!
Some fun modelling shots and some magical places that we ventured to in in the past year. Unfortunately whenever we go away and take lots of photos, they end up in the “i’ll get to them on a rainy day” pile and nothing much happens. Luckily we have had a lot of rainy days recently so a few of these photos have emerged from the archives! Hopefully 2011 will bring a lot more fun and adventure to the party!
creative lighting on outdoor shootmodel portfolios
modelling portfolios
alternative portraits
model shoot

pinup photography



Pin-up style photos, Brisbane.
pin-up style portrait
bay in northern Vietnam
farming rice in Vietnam
vietnamese woman in cone hat
buddha shrine
Tomb Raider
surreal sandstone entrance

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