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Pinterest – a bride’s new best friend.

I’ve recently just discovered Pinterest, the latest in social media sharing, and have come to the conclusion that this is a brilliant tool for “brides to be”,  for collaborating and sharing their ideas. The idea is that you create a pinboard of images that you like and can share them with your bridesmaids, family and anyone else that might be of interest such as your wedding planner or photographer.

I’ve just set up my first pin board titled “Alternative Weddings” – Feel free to check it out http://pinterest.com/leonibolt/ and share with me!

Edit – Since first writing this post and becoming familiar with Pinterest and brides showing me their pin boards I have differing views on the whole thing.  I still love it and I still encourage my brides to share with me stuff that they like, but myself and other photographer’s alike have found it can be a photographer’s nightmare. What you’re seeing on Pinterest is the very best photos from all over the world. Each photo is set in a different time and space and has a different photographer and subjects. As photographer’s we don’t want to just be asked to copy someone else’s work. You need to make it your own! Showing your photographer what you like will give them ideas for lighting, locations and poses, but don’t expect them to copy down to the nail. We as artists do not want to copy someone else’s work and you should want photos that are as individual as you are! Express yourself!

As well as a space to share my own photography and collect ideas, I personally use Pinterest to collect recipes, home decorating, kids activities and so much more. It’s a great resource for visually collecting things of the internet in one place so you can find them later.

I hope to see you there!

Pinterest good or evil?


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